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Sponsorship allows you to introduce a game or service to your friends or others. You will be rewarded because every time you get a new godchild and your sponsorship is accepted, you will receive money, bonuses, gift cards etc. Through sponsorship, you can create passive income for life. Maxiaffiliation is then an indispensable step for the good sponsor.


Create your account free Tip: Please choose your nickname. Each visitor will be able to access the list of your programs with your referral links.

You have a referral link?


Find your affiliate program in the list already present. If the program is not yet referenced on maxiaffiliation, you can present its cards. Add the program to your affiliate wallet. add to my wallet

You can then propose a DEAL for your visitors to choose your link. Examples: - Click on my referral link and I offer you an ebook full of tips. - Click on my referral link and I will return 50% of my sponsorship earnings obtained from you.

SPONSORSHIP: How does it work?

Share your referral link


You own a sponsorship book through maxiaffiliation. Its address is of the type: Choose the book model "Design Premium" and your book will make as many pages as affiliate programs in your portfolio. Retrieve the url (link) of the page presenting a program from your portfolio. Share this link as much as possible on blogs, forums and other sites talking about a theme identical to that of your sponsorship program.

Develop your sponsorship portfolio


If you are a member of a sponsorship program, you will certainly find other similar programs in the same theme. Search the web. Websites are increasingly using the referral system to promote their service. Register, retrieve your referral links and register the programs on maxiaffiliation. The presentation of an affiliate program is free. You have already started promoting your referral book on the web. Visitors will naturally see the other programs of which you are members.

Keep your referrals


If the referral program allows you to collect the email addresses of your referrals , register them on Each godson is worth the gold. Thanks to them, you have already gained something and you know that this theme appeals to them. So tell them the new affiliate programs you will discover. As of the creation of your account, Maxiaffiliation offers 100 credits, which equals 100 mails intended for your referrals. Do not spam them.