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the best way to present your sponsorship program

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50% of the earnings obtained for each premium referals registered on the 1st of each month.

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maxiaffiliation (En)

Les HYIP reposent en général sur un système de Ponzi. Les MLM peuvent reposer sur un sytème pyramidal. Participer à ces types de programmes est donc sous votre entière responsabilité. N'investissez jamais ce que vous ne pourriez pas vous permettre de perdre. Maxiaffiliation ne vous encourage pas à participer à ce type de programme.

maxiaffiliation (En)

Maxiaffiliation is a platform for presenting sponsorship programs.

These programs are identified and ranked among 17 categories.

You can join a program or offer new ones.

Maxiaffiliation also allows you to submit deals to get new referrals.

You will like the opportunity to show your earnings and investments in order to favor the adoption of a sponsorship program by a new godchild.

Most of the service is free.

There is a so-called premium

offer deals,
to have credit to communicate between member
to take advantage of the mlm service of maxiaffiliation

Maxiaffiliation offers a sponsorship program.

Premium member status is charged 7 euros per month.

This is not a subscription. You can therefore choose not to renew it every month.

If you are a premium member of maxiaffiliation, you will receive 50% of all registrations to the premium status of your referrals.

As a premium sponsor, if you have 10 godchildren and 5 of them also choose to be premium, you get (50% of 7 euros) x 5 or 17.5 euros.

You have paid 7 euros deductible from your winnings. You earn 10.50 euros.

From 2 godchildren premiums, your premium registration is refunded.

You will therefore receive 3.50 € per extra godson extra.

All your referrals are presented in the administration of maxiaffiliation.

Free to communicate with them to convince them to spend premium.

Your winnings are calculated every 1st of the month.

Maxiaffiliation counts the number of qualified godchild registered on the 1st of the month and multiplies it by 3.50 €.

Your winnings will then be repaid according to the types of deposit accounts of your downline.

Example: if your godchildren deposit 14 euros on Paypal and 21 euros on perfect money, you can collect 7 euros on Paypal and 10.50 € on Perfect Money.

No additional fees will be charged.

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