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Casinos employees open a Telegram app to make sports bets for you

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3 levels : 10% , 3 % ,1%

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Only works with Bitcoins Take 1% of the amount withdrawn for Bitcoins To withdraw your winnings, just click on the "withdraw" button and enter its Bitcoin address. Confirmation will be required Winnings will be sent within 10 to 15 mins Minimum deposit: 0.02 Minimum withdrawal: 0.02 Bitcoin

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Whois : BETZOO SPORBETS LTD 8 Prestons Rd, Poplar London, E14 9SU United Kingdom

betzoo-sportbets (En)


Les HYIP reposent en général sur un système de Ponzi. Les MLM peuvent reposer sur un sytème pyramidal. Participer à ces types de programmes est donc sous votre entière responsabilité. N'investissez jamais ce que vous ne pourriez pas vous permettre de perdre. Maxiaffiliation ne vous encourage pas à participer à ce type de programme.

betzoo-sportbets (En)

It is not insignificant to find hyip but this one is a bit special.

It is the story of 6 employees of casinos and international broker who have been working for private clients since 2015.

These people, who are experts in their field, manually place sports betting at many brokers.

They then have the idea of creating a Telegram account in order to allow their clients to invest more easily and quickly.

The Sur Telegram group appears on June 11th.

Betzoo is not known to any Hyip, to wonder if this is really

Betzoo only works in Bitcoin.

It promises you 4% per day or 160% within 40 days.

To deposit your money, you simply have to click on the invest button.

You will be given a Bitcoin address to link your accounts.

You can earn an average of 160.00% per month on betzoo-sportbets.

For networks, you can join the Betzoo community (English) and read the news on a Telegram channel.

Small defect, they do not have banner advertising.

You can only download their logo Security is ensured by Telegram (a true expert in the field of data encryption) and by DDOS protection on the servers


Company No. 10805841

GAMBLING LICENSE No. 1544854122121

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