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What if you entrust your money to real traders?

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10% on first-level And 5% on the second level

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pay only with Bitcoin

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Podret (En)

Podret (En)

Discover Podret, a slightly different company.

Podret offering you 14.8% per week.


Podret offers you to invest at home from 10 dollars and only in Bitcoin.

Once the deposit is made, you will have to allocate those dollars to your portfolio.

Do not you know about trading? No matter Podret trade for you.

In their interface, you can very easily see the rates obtained by the day.

And you will see that these rates increase!

There is no need to invest large sums.

Start by placing 10 dollars to try and earn a lot more money.

Withdrawal is possible from 5 dollars.

Withdrawal is once a week except for bonus.


Cashier offer :

When you process a Client Deposit, you will be receiving transfers from the client to your bank account (or other e-transfer method) in exchange for sending USD from your Podret wallet to the Client's Podret wallet. You earn 7% per successful transaction

I love the unique design.

I like to see the daily interest rate curve.

I like the cashier offer 

I like the 7 support agents wwhich answer quickly to my questions .

I like the automatic paying with bitcoin.

You will like also !
Go for it!

Avis sur Podret (En)

le 2017-10-06 10:19:07 Avis de clement

I do not know anything about Trading

But I found Podret and they do it for me.

The Podret support is very fast and efficient.

I give them my confidence

Deal Podret (En)

Deal de clement : Créez votre compte pour le contacter

I return you 50% of my comission .

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Gains Podret (En)

2017-10-24 - clement : 0.00703118 Bitcoins

2017-10-06 - clement : 0.00859325 Bitcoins

2017-09-28 - clement : 0.00499510 Bitcoins

2017-09-06 - clement : 0.00627513 Bitcoins

2017-08-29 - clement : 0.01429740 Bitcoins

2017-08-15 - clement : 0.00628066 Bitcoins

2017-08-09 - clement : 0.00723019 Bitcoins

2017-07-31 - clement : 0.00652869 Bitcoins

2017-07-21 - clement : 9.81 dollars

2017-07-14 - clement : 0.00290393 Bitcoins

2017-07-06 - clement : 9.25 dollars

2017-06-28 - clement : 7.58 dollars

Dépot en banque

0 26.64 0.07066422

Depôt Podret (En)

2017-09-28 - clement : 200 dollars

2017-07-20 - clement : 100 dollars

2017-06-20 - clement : 51 dollars

Dépot sur le programme

0 351 0.00000000