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A sponsorship system is set up based on the number of corners you have, you can earn up to 25% of your team's corner sales on 7 levels: To earn 10% on your 1st level, you must own 1000 Adscash corners To earn 4% on your 2nd level, you must own 100 000 Adscash corners To earn 3% on your 3rd level, you must own 200 000 Adscash corners To earn 2% on your 4th level, you must own 400 000 Adscash corners To earn 1% on your 5th level, you must own 1 000 000 Adscash corners To earn 1% on your 6th level, you must own 2 000 000 Adscash corners To earn 4% on your 7th level, you must own 4,000,000 Adscash corners

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Whois : Adscash Global, Niveau 39, port de la tour du Centre Financier de la tour 2, 10 Marina Boulevard, Singapour 018983 Téléphone : + 6568186190


AdsCash (En)

AdsCash (En)

AdsCash is launching.

Adscash wants to embark on the cryptomony in the same way as the bitcoin or the ethereum.

To make themselves known, they offer 50 adscash for free at registration.

Currently, on May 23, 2017, they value the corner at 0.045 cts USD.

So they give us $ 4.5 to register.

It is possible to withdraw his winnings to the tune of $ 25.

Personally, I think it's all good.

I keep it in a corner and the corners may be more valuable in 1 year or 4 years.

After all, the bitcoin started very low and is now worth $ 2,000.

When I see this, I would like to go back in time and buy a package of bitcoin where possible at low value.

Sign up, just in case!   Transactions are secure

. The transfer of money is instantaneous

No central authority. No payment limit.

Ads cash is targeted today for online advertising media transactions but what will happen tomorrow?

As I said earlier, at worst, it will not work. utiles

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Free, Why don't do it ?

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