Do you know the affiliation?

There are many programs, services and products on the web in all areas. Faced with the infinity of the web, a type of sale has developed. In order to sell their production, companies set up an affiliate program. They offer to sell their product as a prescriber in exchange for a remuneration. To do this, the company can either:

  • create your own affiliate platform.
  • or go through an existing platform.

As these choices are all financially expensive, the proportion of these provisions is fairly equivalent. There are hundreds of generalist affiliate platforms. Their utility is mainly to be an intermediary between the company selling a product and the web writer wanting to promote a product for money. Thanks to the prescription of the service or the product, the web editor sees the means of making money on the internet. aims to identify all existing affiliate programs. We offer web editors as well as companies to submit their affiliate program free of charge. Maxiaffiliation is a meeting site between the seller and the prescriber. Each prescriber has the opportunity to bind to an affiliate program.

The terms:

The affiliator is the company offering the sale of a service for a fee. The affiliate is the prescriber. It does not sell the product. He advises him. The partner or referrals is the buyer of the product following the advice of the affiliate.

Instruction manual


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Once the program is in your wallet, you will be able to :

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