How to find Referrals ?

At a time when blogs are legion, you may wonder how the blogger gets paid. Although there is no formal training, being a blogger is a job for the future. It is not because we talk about lipstick that the blogger runs the company that creates the product. The reality is quite different. The blogger relies on the company to pay for it in exchange for what he talks about the product. Why do the company pay for these bloggers? Just because they have the notoriety and especially a band Fan who follows his advice. Paying a blogger with many fans is equivalent to finding an excellent commercial. The advantage is that the blogger will not delete his article, his advertising after a set period. The article or the video will remain online of the years because it profits to the referencing of the blogger. The company therefore continues to reach prospects over the long term. In short, being a Blogger or offering membership, it's a winner.


Close and Friends

This is certainly the most obvious to conceive. Your friends may be your friends because they have something in common with you. So if you're all guitar fans, why not enjoy it? I'm not talking about selling any guitar but the one you've seen on Amazon. Yes, Amazon offers affiliate and earnings each time you sell a product. Explain to your loved ones what affiliate is and they will easily understand that buying a product through your link makes you earn money. Also insist that nothing changes for them, the guitar will always be at the same price.


The forums

Are you a swimming fan? Search forums that talk about this topic. Invest in conversations without proposing anything systematically. Then, when you talk about the best bathing cap, you will put forth your affiliate link to buy it on an online store.


Sponsorship sites

This is where Maxiaffiliation appears very interesting. Maxiaffiliation, by its concept, will attract visitors who will be totally unknown to you. As a user you can offer Deals. What is a deal? In short, it is a generous offer on your part for the customer to choose you as a sponsor. On each affiliate program, you can offer a deal. Let's say you find a company providing training on Excel. You, as a sponsor, promote this training. Other sponsors can also promote it. So, when the user sees the different possibilities of sponsorship, he will try to compare you. If you offer additional training, free training on another software, you will have all your chances to become the preferred godfather. Tip: The most common deals are to pay part of your commission to your godchild.


Social networks

There are groups on social networks for almost everything. So why not try to invest in a group that needs your product? Certainly, this requires a little time. However, an active member will be greatly valued and these proposals listened to. You simply put your referral link when you are talking about a product. Do not hesitate to explain to them the functioning of the sponsorship. Most importantly, accompany your referral link to a photo and text. Putting your link without explanation would be rude and you might be banned from the group.


Create a blog

Do you feel able to create a blog or a site around a specific theme? You know SEO and know what a niche market is? Today, creating a blog will only take a short time with tools like Wix or . The most difficult will be to make the site powerful in its function. It will necessarily have to be accompanied Youtube content, a Facebook page etc if you want to know it.


Youtube or Dailymotion

When you're looking for information, you probably want to have it on video. You certainly know that a video attracts more attention than a text. Finally, you know that Youtube is a very privileged platform in the search engines. His videos are placed in first place. Then this trick certainly becomes an indispensable trick to find new referrals. Make promotional videos! You will have godchildren who will not know you but who will simply click on the link under the video as it is just easier to find his product. And it is with this trick that you will realize the potential of affiliation. Here is an example : If you like to tinker, you will want to find out how to cut wood following a precise path. You will then probably fall on the scroll saw. Do you know what a scroll saw is? Perhaps not, you will be looking for the term "scroll saw" on Google and will find a very wide price range. You will therefore be looking for how to choose your model by watching one or more videos. If you find the video of an affordable saw that seems easy to use, you will click on the link under the video to buy it on ... Suspens: Amazon or Cdiscount. I love this one, and you?

Did you understand?

Throughout this page, I systematically proposed an article mentioned in the text. Of course, maxiaffiliation does not speak about scroll saw, swim cap or guitar. But you have here a fairly simple example of inserting the product you are talking about. On the forums, you can also offer simple direct links to your product. The idea remains that your future partner has your affiliate link without you asking. So, even if you go on holiday or you forget your articles on the forums, you will continue to make money on the internet through affiliate.