Maxiaffiliation design overview

Maxiaffiliation offers 4 Design to create your sales pages. The Free design is the only one available with a free account. All designs are available with a Premium account. With the Premium account, you have the option to choose your favorite design for each sponsorship program. So you can choose the design Fiche for a program and a Design Landing Page and Proof for another program. This choice is available from the menu wallet > Design.

design free
design Fiche
design Landing Page
Landing Page
design Landing Page + preuve de paiement
Landing Page and Proof

Design Free

Free, this design allows you to present all of your affiliate programs. It proposes a shortened description directed towards the presentation page of the site Maxiaffiliation. Interesting when you are the owner of this card, the visitor can then see a lot of information about the program presented. If this program is not yours, the visitor will see your link in your Book and that of the owner of the card if it clicks on the button "to know more".

The design Fiche

The + button disappears. You offer via this design a catalog of affiliate program with your referral links. Available only with a Premium account, this Design is useful when you want to promote a program catalog. The menu is clearly visible on the left and invites the visitor to click on the various sponsorship programs.

The Landing Page design

This design is a real sales page. Very effective, the design is inspired by the best selling models and realized with the advice of a professional marketer. This design highlights various aspects and will benefit you if you fulfill all the conditions. You can earn a lot of money with this design if:

  • You present yourself (profile menu).
  • You offer an offer, an additional service or a discount (Deal menu)
  • You give your opinion about the service (menu wallet> update)
Without these conditions, your sales page will not be optimized.

The Landing Page and Proof design

This design is very similar to the Landing Page design and requires the same conditions to optimize your sales page. However this design will bring you a complementary element according to your situation. Maxiaffiliation offers you to file proof of earnings obtained through your sponsorship program. This design will therefore highlight these proofs of payment. If you feel that showing proof of payment is more vendor to welcome new downline, you have to choose this design!